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3/10 NSH 4 at MTL 2 Lost F
3/7 MTL 1 at FLA 4 Lost F
3/5 MTL 0 at TBL 4 Lost F
3/3 MTL 6 at NYI 2 Won F
2/29 CAR 3 at MTL 4 Won OT
2/27 NYR 5 at MTL 2 Lost F
2/25 VAN 4 at MTL 3 Lost OT
2/22 MTL 3 at OTT 0 Won F
2/20 MTL 4 at WSH 3 Won OT
2/18 MTL 3 at DET 4 Lost F
Won-4  Lost-5  OT-1

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Next game will be against Buffalo Sabres on Thursday, March 12, 2020 in Montreal Bell Centre
Last game against Buffalo Sabres which was played in Buffalo First Niagara Center on 1/30/2020 Canadiens won 3-1
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Julien to fans hoping Habs falter for shot at Lafreniere: 'There's no guarantee'
"Trust me, I'd love to have this player on my team," Julien said of the 18-year-old from the Montreal suburb of St-Eustache. "But there's no guarantee even if we go out in the qualifying round that we would have that player. The only way to take a step forward is to go out there and play hard and play to win.
Posted: 07/02/2020

If NHL head coaches must wear masks, Montreal's Claude Julien is on board
After goalkeepers, we could see a second group of people wearing masks during National Hockey League games in the coming months: head coaches. And if Claude Julien has to wear one, he'll do it with no complaints. The head coach of the Montreal Canadiens said as much during a conference call Thursday, the final one organized by the team before the start of phase 3 of a possible return to NHL activities following the COVID-19 pandemic.
Posted: 07/02/2020

Laval Rocket season review: Charlie Lindgren needed to play more
Charlie Lindgren could have used a bit more consistency in his play at the American Hockey League level this past season, but not in the way that you might think. The 26-year-old played 22 total games between the Laval Rocket and Montreal Canadiens, with 16 of those in the American Hockey League by mid-December. He played 34 times between both teams during the 2018-19 season (one Habs game), but he at least got consecutive starts on numerous occasions.
Posted: 07/02/2020

Carey Price and hesitancy to resume playing hockey
Canadiens’ goalie Carey Price is in an interesting case, he’s a father of young children — and a pregnant wife, and from statements made last week, does not feel like “Michael Jordan in ‘98 levels of having motivation to win”. Price has been in Washington state, his wife’s home area, for the whole quarantine since March. His kicker quote from last week about his confidence in the season restarting: “I have I think about an equal amount of optimism and pessimism.
Posted: 06/29/2020

Falling salary cap could work in Canadiens' favour
Montreal Gazette columnist Stu Cowan, CBC Daybreak Montreal’s Jessica Rusnak and former Canadien Rick Green — along with host Adam Susser talk about how the Canadiens could benefit by being well under the NHL salary cap. Check us out: Facebook: facebook.com/hockeyinsideout Video Production by 5 Pound Media (5poundmedia.com)
Posted: 06/28/2020

2020 NHL Draft Lottery: The Montreal Canadiens could have a chance at first overall in Phase 2
At tonight’s 2020 NHL Draft Lottery, the 1st Lottery Draw was won by a team in the qualification round. As a result, the first overall draft position will be determined in a separate Phase 2 lottery once the play-ins have been completed. The Montreal Canadiens were the 24th-ranked team in the NHL at the time of the pause for the COVID-19 pandemic.
Posted: 06/27/2020

NHL not planning to quarantine players for training camps
NHL not planning to quarantine players for training camps
Posted: 06/26/2020

Habs' Price needs more information before deciding on NHL's plan to restart
"But we have a lot of questions that need to be answered and a lot of scenarios that need to be covered before I could vote yay or nay." Price travelled with his wife and two kids to Kennewick, Wash. after the NHL went on hiatus.
Posted: 06/25/2020

Carey Price wins the Canadiens' Molson Cup trophy
As the strange NHL season continues to tread towards playing in unfamiliar summer territory, Montreal Canadiens goaltender Carey Price has earned some familiar hardware. The Molson Cup, awarded to Habs players who’ve received the most number of star selections, has been awarded to Price for the ninth time in his career. The Habs goalie had been the monthly winner in November, December, January, and ranked second in February.
Posted: 06/25/2020

How will Montreal's lines look against the Penguins?
Line 3: Paul Byron-Max Domi-Artturi Lehkonen I think there’s a chemistry factor in the assembly of this line, too. Lehkonen and Domi played over 400 minutes at 5-on-5 together this past season, and they complement each other well. Add in Byron’s speed and tenacity and you’ve got a line that can be effective on both sides.
Posted: 06/24/2020

What the Puck: What if Habs had kept Pacioretty, Subban and Markov?
GM Marc Bergevin would have been better off if he had continued to build on core of team that went to Eastern Conference final in 2014. What if Canadiens management had continued to build on the core of that high-quality team that came within two victories of the Stanley Cup final in 2014, losing in six games to the New York Rangers in the Eastern Conference final?
Posted: 06/23/2020

Habsent Minded Episode 2.52: The art of storytelling in broadcast with Dan Robertson
Dan Robertson has been the voice of the Montreal Canadiens since 2014, delivering emotion and personality to the challenging faceless medium of radio broadcast. On this episode of Habsent Minded, Habs Eyes on the Prize contributor Andrew Zadarnowski invites Dan to speak about the art of storytelling in play-by-play, his road to the announcing job, whether personal bias can take place, and what his game day preparation is like.
Posted: 06/23/2020

Stu on Sports: Canadiens' Tomas Tatar shows off his tennis skills
Tatar is obviously a good all-around athlete and led the Canadiens in scoring this season with 22-39-61 totals. Learning Tatar had won the tennis tournament reminded me of an interview I did a few years ago with former NHLer Gary Roberts, who now runs Gary Roberts High Performance Training in Aurora, Ont. and works with many young hockey players and pros.
Posted: 06/22/2020

The Montreal Canadiens as Generation 1 Pokémon
Machamp in his prime was a terrifying beast of a Pokémon, with four arms, a ridiculous attacking stat, and just being bigger than hell, it’s a perfect match for the Canadiens’ captain. Jeff Petry: Arcanine Offensively gifted, able to get hot at a moment’s notice, and quick as a flash, Petry embodies so many of the qualities of an Arcanine.
Posted: 06/21/2020

Crushing loss in Montreal in '79 left the Bruins with too many tears
I’ve never seen a team try so hard . There were other things to say, but why bother? Why try?
Posted: 06/20/2020


HOME 37 14 17 6
AWAY 34 17 14 3
TOTAL 71 31 31 9

TOTAL 0 0 0 0

BOS 70 44 14 12 100 227 174
TBL 70 43 21 6 92 245 195
TOR 70 36 25 9 81 238 227
FLA 69 35 26 8 78 231 228
MTL 71 31 31 9 71 212 221
BUF 69 30 31 8 68 195 217
OTT 71 25 34 12 62 191 243
DET 71 17 49 5 39 145 267

1. BOS 70 44 14 12 53 100
2. TBL 70 43 21 6 50 92
3. WSH 69 41 20 8 25 90
4. PHI 69 41 21 7 36 89
5. PIT 69 40 23 6 28 86
6. TOR 70 36 25 9 11 81
7. CAR* 68 38 25 5 29 81
8. CBJ* 70 33 22 15 -7 81
9. NYI 68 35 23 10 -1 80
10. NYR 70 37 28 5 12 79
11. FLA 69 35 26 8 3 78
12. MTL 71 31 31 9 -9 71
13. BUF 69 30 31 8 -22 68
14. NJD 69 28 29 12 -41 68
15. OTT 71 25 34 12 -52 62
16. DET 71 17 49 5 -122 39
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