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3/8 MIN 5 at ANA 4 Won OT
3/7 MIN 3 at LAK 7 Lost F
3/5 MIN 3 at SJS 2 Won F
3/3 NSH 1 at MIN 3 Won F
3/1 WSH 4 at MIN 3 Lost F
2/28 MIN 5 at CBJ 0 Won F
2/27 MIN 7 at DET 1 Won F
2/25 CBJ 4 at MIN 5 Won F
2/23 STL 4 at MIN 1 Lost F
2/21 MIN 5 at EDM 3 Won F
Won-7  Lost-3  OT-0

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Next game will be against Vegas Golden Knights on Thursday, March 12, 2020 in Minnesota Xcel Energy Center
Last game against Vegas Golden Knights which was played in Minnesota Xcel Energy Center on 2/11/2020 Wild won 4-0
See All games played against Vegas Golden Knights

2019-20 Player Review: Pateryn's injury-riddled tale
In the 2019-20 Player Review series, we will evaluate the 2019-20 performances of each member of the Minnesota Wild during the regular season. Players were evaluated based on overall performance with regard to pre-season expectations and how that player performed in their particular role. Two summers ago, the general manager who we do not speak of (Fenton), inked a depth defenseman on July 1 to add to an already talented group on the Minnesota Wild blue line.
Posted: 07/03/2020

Rivalry Week: Ranking all of the Minnesota Wild's rivals
Fanimosity – Wild fans hated the players more than the Vancouver faithful. Bertuzzi, Matt Cooke, Alex Burrows — all jerks. As for the Canucks… well, Rick Rypien once tried to fight a Wild fan… 2 points.
Posted: 07/02/2020

The Wild's Kirill Kaprizov situation just got a whole lot more complicated
When Kirill Kaprizov’s KHL contract expired on April 30, many expected him to be eligible to finally sign an entry-level deal and make his NHL debut for the Minnesota Wild in their five-game play-in series against the Vancouver Canucks. Unfortunately, not only will Kaprizov not be making his debut this summer, but it’s now possible that he may not come to North America until the 2021-22 NHL season.
Posted: 07/01/2020

Wilderness Walk: Both hub cities to be in Canada?
Let’s go over some news and notes: - Mikko Koivu is probably going to retire when the season officially ends. Unfortunately his last ride with the Wild was pretty uneventful. Hockey Wilderness] - What was the worst draft class in Wild history?
Posted: 07/01/2020

Matt Dumba on fixing hockey's diversity problems, the Hockey Diversity Alliance
We're trying to get as many guys involved as we can because there's strength in numbers. But at the same time, at the start, it's hard when you have so many different opinions in a text thread or a Zoom call. So just having it at seven [players] at the start was good, so we can all be on the same page.
Posted: 07/01/2020

Is it okay for Canucks fans to cheer against them vs. the Wild?
Some Vancouver Canucks fans want the shot at Alexis Lafrenière. But is it fair to prioritize draft lottery odds over a playoff series victory? Under the NHL’s return to play and 2020 draft lottery formats, the Vancouver Canucks have a shot at winning the Stanley Cup and the first overall pick — two things they’ve never accomplished in their history.
Posted: 06/30/2020

Why we hate the Minnesota Wild
And right now, it’s time to eviscerate the Minnesota Wild — one of the dumb teams that isn’t even cool enough to have an “s” at the end of its nickname. The Wild are one of the most aggressively average teams in professional sports Minnesota has this bizarre ability to consistently look like a pretty decent team throughout the regular season. Once the postseason begins, though, they completely forget how to play the ice sport and suffer a quick, but painful first-round elimination.
Posted: 06/29/2020

Devan Dubnyk goes through COVID precautions, takes part in voluntary workout
Masking up is one of many precautions Wild players have to take to skate at the team’s practice facility, which opened for voluntary workouts this week. The protocols could be a preview of what’s to come if the NHL season returns later this summer after being put on hold in March due to the coronavirus pandemic. They’re doing their best to obviously keep us as safe as they can,” Dubnyk said.
Posted: 06/27/2020

Is it safe to go to the hair salon during the pandemic?
Dr. Anthony Cardillo answers ABC7 viewer questions, including what safety precautions should be taken before heading back to the hair salon in the midst of Covid-19.
Posted: 06/27/2020

Play-in round team wins draft lottery, shot at Lafrenière; Wild get 12.5% chance with loss in play-in series
That means if the Minnesota Wild lose their play-in round series, which is expected to be against the Vancouver Canucks, the Wild would have a 12.5% chance to land the first overall pick in the draft. The Los Angeles Kings won the second pick and the Ottawa Senators third with the San Jose Sharks' selection from the 2018 Erik Karlsson trade. The Detroit Red Wings dropped to the fourth pick despite finishing last in the NHL and 23 points behind the 30th-place Senators.
Posted: 06/27/2020

Wild union representative Devan Dubnyk hopeful training camps will open July 10
And those talks will need to wrap up sooner than later if teams are to open training camps on July 10 like the NHL hopes. That’s still the goal,” Dubnyk said Thursday during a video conference call. If that’s the date, then there’s certainly going to need to be something to vote on in the shorter period of time because that date’s creeping up on us pretty fast here.
Posted: 06/25/2020

Quarantine Mailbag: Volume 1—Kevin Fiala's Hot Hand, Josi's Power Play Impact, and Fil's Glorious Mustache
Fiala had caught fire in the month and a half leading up to the season coming to a halt, but there’s no telling if the time off will result in a well-rested and healthy continuation of his hot hand—it is just as likely that the time in quarantine will leave Fiala rusty. He caught fire after Turris was traded to Nashville, but started the next season in a slump.
Posted: 06/25/2020

2019-20 Player Review: Marcus Foligno put together his best statistical season to date
In the 2019-20 Player Review series, we will evaluate the 2019-20 performances of each member of the Minnesota Wild during the regular season. Players were evaluated based on overall performance with regard to pre-season expectations and how that player performed in their particular role. As Marcus Foligno weaved his way through his third full campaign in a Minnesota Wild sweater, he further enriched his role as a solid third-line winger who is trending further in the right direction for the clu...
Posted: 06/24/2020


HOME 35 19 11 5
AWAY 34 16 16 2
TOTAL 69 35 27 7

TOTAL 0 0 0 0

COL 70 42 20 8 92 237 191
STL 71 41 19 10 92 222 192
DAL 69 37 24 8 82 180 177
WPG 71 37 28 6 80 216 203
NSH 69 35 26 8 78 215 217
MIN 69 35 27 7 77 220 220
CHI 70 32 30 8 72 212 218

1. COL 70 42 20 8 46 92
2. STL 71 41 19 10 30 92
3. VGK 71 39 24 8 16 86
4. EDM 71 37 25 9 8 83
5. DAL 69 37 24 8 3 82
6. CGY 70 36 27 7 -5 79
7. WPG* 71 37 28 6 13 80
8. VAN* 69 36 27 6 11 78
9. NSH 69 35 26 8 -2 78
10. MIN 69 35 27 7 0 77
11. ARZ 70 33 29 8 8 74
12. CHI 70 32 30 8 -6 72
13. ANA 71 29 32 9 -37 67
14. LAK 70 29 35 6 -34 64
15. SJS 70 29 36 5 -44 63
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